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Welcome to The Subtle Disruptor: Your Compass for Navigating Change

Hello, incredible change-makers!

I'm Shannon Lea Reynolds, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to "The Subtle Disruptor." If you're a professional navigating the complexities of today's dynamic work culture, you've found your sanctuary.

Why "The Subtle Disruptor"?

The name encapsulates our mission: to enact meaningful change in a way that's both subtle and impactful. We're not about creating ripples just for the sake of it; we're about creating waves that lead to personal and professional transformation.

Who Am I?

With a rich tapestry of experiences in accounting, finance, insurance, and management consulting, I've journeyed from a rule-following introvert to an advocate for transformative change. My passion lies in empowering individuals and teams to navigate life's pivotal transitions, harnessing the potent mix of mindset and strategy. Whether you're on the cusp of a career shift or leading an organizational metamorphosis, I bring a unique blend of personal insights, professional expertise, and a Master's in Organizational Change Leadership to guide you. Together, let's unlock the success within every change.

Introducing the Pivot Profile Framework

The "Pivot Profile Framework" serves as the cornerstone of your journey through change. It's a tool designed to help you understand where you are currently in relation to change and transformation. Whether you identify as a "Change Champion," "Emotional Explorer," "Financial Seeker," "Skill Builder," or "Life Balancer," there's wisdom here for you.

What's in Store?

  • Insightful strategies for embracing change

  • Balanced approaches to harmonizing work and life

  • Practical tips for financial growth and social impact

Let's Co-Create This Space

This blog isn't just a platform for me to share my thoughts; it's a community for all of us to engage, share, and grow. So, feel free to comment, share your stories, and let's make this a collaborative journey.

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