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Letting Go: Preparing for New Beginnings

As the year draws to a close, it's a time for reflection, a time to look back on our journeys, our trials, and our triumphs. This year, for me, was a profound journey of rediscovery and letting go - a pathway that led me to unexpected growth and clarity. I hope that by sharing my story, you too can find the courage and insight to prepare for your new beginnings.

Revisiting Roots and Embracing Change

This year, I found myself revisiting my professional roots, reigniting my love for teaching, coaching, and consulting. It was a return to what I always knew was my calling, yet it came with a challenge – the decision to move on from a venture that no longer aligned with my path. This decision wasn't easy. The fear of being perceived as a failure loomed large. But it was here that I learned one of the most valuable lessons: our decisions, even those that seem daunting, are part of a larger journey of growth.

Learning to Let Go

Letting go is not a sign of failure. It's an act of trust in oneself and in the future. It took time, but I reframed my perspective, realizing that my experience wasn't a setback but a step forward in authenticity. By closing one door, I opened myself up to opportunities that were more in tune with my true self.

Finding Strength in Community

The support of my community, family, and friends was pivotal. They reminded me that pursuing what genuinely fills your cup is not just a personal triumph but a gift to those around you. Their encouragement was a testament to the strength that lies in our connections.

Saying No to Make Room for Yes

This year, I re-learned the power of saying no. By declining things that no longer served me, I created space for new and enriching experiences. This practice of mindful refusal is something I encourage all of us to embrace.

Adventure and Inspiration

Family adventures rekindled my love for travel, reminding me of its refreshing and inspirational power. I realized that incorporating travel into my work wasn't just a dream but a necessary ingredient for my creativity and zest for life.

Re-engaging with Learning and Creating

The year also saw me re-engage with my thirst for learning and creating. This re-engagement is a reminder of how vital it is to continually nurture our passions and curiosities.

On the Precipice of Greatness

As I stand on the precipice of something great, I invite you to join me in this space of potential and hope. As you reflect on your year, ask yourself:

  • What roots have you revisited this year? Reflect on your foundational skills or passions that you’ve reconnected with.

  • What have you let go of, and how has it reshaped your path? Acknowledge the tough decisions you've made and the growth that has come from them.

  • Where have you found unexpected strength? Recognize the people and experiences that have supported you.

  • What have you said no to, and what opportunities has this created? Consider the power of your choices and their impact on your journey.

  • How have your adventures outside of work inspired your professional journey? Reflect on how personal experiences can enrich your professional life.

  • In what ways have you re-engaged with learning and creativity? Acknowledge your ongoing development and how it fuels your work and life.

As we move into the new year, let's carry these reflections forward. Let them guide our decisions, our plans, and our aspirations. Let's step into the new year not just with resolutions, but with a renewed sense of purpose and openness to the possibilities that await.

Your Next Steps Forward:

Take a moment this week to journal your responses to these questions. Use these reflections to draft a simple plan for the new year - a plan that honors your growth, embraces change, and welcomes new beginnings with open arms.

Here's to a year of letting go, growing, and embracing the wonderful unknown.

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